Friday, March 21, 2014

Twistedlamb editorial: CREAXCION

Creative Director: TwistedLamb

Photographer: Julia Comita (team: Krystallynne Gonzalez, Kyle Perry, Andrea Bartley)

Model: Anna Schilling

Hair: Mss Vee

Makeup: Ryan Burke

Assistants: Pedalin Nikkie, Anthony Ruffino

Headdresses: House of Malakai

Fashion: Manuel Diaz, Fiona Cribben, Christian Siriano

Some 7 AM inspiration for you


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ya girls been bad

At least at blogging. I've actually been really productive otherwise haha. Which is pretty impressive considering Lee came to town for about 9 days which makes me want to drop everything and just hang. I TOOK NO PHOTOS FOR SOME REASON.
But here are photos from another time in my life, the Giza party - see cuter photos on the Joyrich blog @
I danced soooo hard that night. I always dance hard but I danced so hard my earrings fell off repeatedly
I'm going to start posting regularly again, okay! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lust: Zana Bayne, Bond Hardware, Ashish, & stripper heels

ZANA BAYNE Fall-Winter 2014 Runway Show NYFW from zana bayne on Vimeo.

I think I might actually buy this (click through the photo to get to the shop) but I cant decide between the black or the PVC. Should probably get clear since it'll be big on my neck... Or maybe neither, since it'll be big on my neck. Ugh
I love the PVC for this one because it takes the S&M out a bit and makes it more obvious as an accessory, plus hides your face a lillll less. Imagine not feeling 100% before going out, then popping this sucker on. Pure bliss
Put me out of my misery, If I don't have enough expendable $ in the next year to own this than what do I have to live for really? 
I'm just letting you know, when I have a lot of money one day, I am going to be wearing some really nice things. All the time

This has been Zana Bayne. Stay Tuned ! >>>>
Hey Sideara, that mouthguard is $45, if you really want it why don't you get it?
Well honestly, I'm afraid my face is too small and it'll be all bulgy out of my mouth and I wont actually be able to wear it out in social situations where I just want to look around/look cool and not talk to people, because I'll just be drooling all over myself

But they have other stuff too, check out the rest of the bond shop HERE
Hand sequined silk ASHISH Dress sold @ VFiles - $472
But really check this out:

THIS COLLECTION IS SO GOOD. That look with the massive amazing headpiece and coke top and sequin jeans ?? Every look? Stop.. I can't today. It hurts to share these things with you.

And now presenting, all of the stripper heels I will be accumulating in the near future, to numb the pain of not owning any of the above.
(I want to put white paint on these babies)

And this concludes a post that indirectly explains the strange death/murder I may be experiencing in the future. People will wonder, "How did that poor girl get in this situation?" But you'll all know. "She was trying to make money to buy Zana Bayne harnesses"