Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Elena Stonaker Workshop

THE ELENA STONAKER WORKSHOP WAS MIND BLOWING. I met her a while ago (I can't remember how, through the internet probably..) and meant to shoot her for NIN3, but due to my shit scheduling skills it never happened. She knows I'm in love with her though and likes my photos so she asked me to come photograph her workshop this time around. It was my first time and wowwww. Basically, it's her and a few friends in an art studio and they create this massive still life with her sculptures and then they strip down and Elena paints them and they hold poses and move fluidly from one pose to the next and it's just really insane and beautiful to watch. Everyone sits around drawing and it's just so magical. Everyone there was so talented and cool. Can't wait for the next oneeee!!
Enjoy my gifs n pics!

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