Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i x

I'm getting ready to empty out my closet to sell clothes (not on the internet), i neeed the money by friday for a SECRET endeavor you'll soon hear about. I'm distracted because currently I am uploading this onto piczo ALSO, because it seemss to be working but i dont really trust it, so i want to keep this one up at the same time just incase.

me and devon visited a house i found with lizzie, the 9th street house. people lived there about 4 years ago, planned on renovating - tore it down to remodel it - then never came back to do any work with it. i swear i saw construction workers there one time but usually its just sitting here, complete with mattresses, old chairs, knives, an old fridge, and tons of other creepy goods.
just kidding, piczo just stopped working. i knew it. damn. i miss it i do!
i have more photos to put up - but i really need to go through my clothes and clean my room.

until them  - check out nin3.tumblr.com and my flickr account, flickr.com/sideara



  1. You should sell them onlinee because I'd definitely buy themmmm

  2. if that's devon, she looks really good!
    p.s. your photos look way more high quality on here than piczo!

  3. it is her, and doesnt she ??
    meliss, i might soon

  4. Your photos are amazing and so are you! One guestion: where do you live? :D