Thursday, November 25, 2010

priorities : where?

i really should be doing work for my online course right now, the final project is due tomorrow - 6 final outfits for the collection ... ill finish it though. hopefullyyy.. and in the mean time - dream wishlist time. (shouldnt i be doing a thankful list instead?)

just discovered this lens, it creates an extreme blur on what youre not focused on and i love it, its super dramatic and im dying for this lensss!!

and a macro lens, but besides those things :

they dont even sell this :( they put it on the website and its such a fucking tease! i seriously want the sparkly lita more than any other shoe right now. imagine this with the prom dress. imagine it. erkkkdfkk kk


jeffree campbell fucks up with zippers sometimes (pet peeve: laces + zippers). i must say though, i like the show zipper - and the real one is hidden well. but i would rather take the time to put on my shoes then have a zipper on it too. they should work on being less considerate i think haha

what IS this even?? the studs on the tip make my mouth water.

 these shoes are all jeffree campbell by the way. thats because im a size five and jcambz got it.

Image of Draped Tiered Necklace
ANARCHY STREET neckalce.. i want you really bad.
Image of Twisted Drapey Skirt
want this bitch so bad.
(anarchy street)
thats honestly all the tabs i got right now. theres more but i've got a lot of work to do okay!

stop making me procrastinate!


  1. ohmygosh, beautiful!

  2. ohmygawd. those sparkly heels are killer! that is just mean that they put it on the website if then don't sell them. :P oh well. the pink ones are gorgeous too.