Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thrift it up

WOW- piczo has started working again. now i have an issue. should i update both blogs simultaneously? it'll be more work but i enjoy blogspot, and now i can cater to two different groups of people. what do you think - ditch one or the other ? or keep both?

hmm. just kidding. i just tried uploading more photos and it didnt work. well, that simplifies things!

heres the shit i scored thrifting- and all for only $45!
 long skirt.. there were a lot of button up skirts, i loaded myself up with them and tried them all on and kept the tiny ones!
 this one has ruffles at da top
 long cardi to go with the skirts
 another long cardigan
 flower skirt

black long skirt

i gotta go have a life now!! sorry i've been busy!! hopefully a crazy photo shoot will be happening very soon!

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