Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wednesdays feeling like friday

this week has been soo busy. this whole month has. but all of my horrible obligations are almost over, and were switching classes soon because its the end of the semester. hopefully being in history doesnt take up too much of my time and that weight training doesnt suck too much... im sure ill get through it i just want a fun senior year!

eleanor at leaping lotus

finally a look with tha litas

gotta go work on my homework, ugh

xxxxxxxxx have a nice week!


  1. waw! j'adore!

  2. Oh my god, that leaping lotus place - is it a store? A museum? IT'S AMAZING.

    Love the outfits & photo's as usualll

  3. wooow the last picture is soo great
    i love it ♥.♥

  4. thank you everyone :)) and annie its a store! its filled with everything yo ucould ever need and its the greatest haha!

  5. I NEED to go there NOW. :D