Tuesday, February 8, 2011

another shoot with dev

So shadow experimentation is destined for Sunday, but we'll see what happens with that. I might be fitting some other projects in between, who knows? Its exciting getting back to work again :) And soon my acting coach is going to be hooking it up for me by getting me exposure with his students for head shots! I looove making money through photography because its the greatest feeling to be payed for doing what you love.

Every cent of my money goes to shoes hahhaah. And considering I've only bought two pairs of (expensive) shoes since I've started working at Pret, I obviously havent been making bucket loads. But soon, hopefully! I need to write about Pret soon. (Pret-A-Porter, the boutique where I work.)

Enjoy these photos of me and devon :)
 Devon is wearing a dress given to her by canyon, one of her stripey socks and one of mine, and the Sam Edelman Zoe's.
I've got on a hat I bought in PB, a dress my mom owned before I was born, and the Litas with a pair of those American Apparel frilly socks that they stole from my childhood.

 not quite lady like

 Devon's tattoo - Ad Vitam Paramus, which means "We are preparing for life". She got it when she turned 18 and plans on getting the latin phrase for conquering life when she makes her first mill.

I wish i could re edit some of these photos ... and I can.... But i have econ homework to do, so I wont!

Also, an exciting little treat for you guys : The website Queen of Lalaland has been launched, its a cute clothing website, and they like NIN3 so much they wanted to give me and all of you a discount :) Check it out and if theres anything you would like to buy, make sure you enter the coupon code "NIN3" at check out for 15% off! (http://www.queenoflalaland.com/) I wouldnt post this if I didnt think the clothes were cute so definitely check them out. A big thanks to them!



  1. Gorgeous photos + rad outfits :)


  2. Lindas fotos e o cenário é tão amigável.

  3. As always, gorgeous photos! Your pretty dresses make me want summer so badly! I need to break out of these layers! You and Devon are just the cutest set of best friends, and her tattoo is gorgeous! Love the photos you took focusing on it.


  4. Wow amazing pics! I love the combination red and blonde hair - so cute! :)
    Well done!
    Kisses. <3



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  6. Your look photos is super (love it!) im follow