Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bloo tips

i re-dyed the blue myself!

im wearing a battalion shirt that i screen printed a NIN3 design on, its a roman numeral clock turned sideways with the IX on top, but i switched the IX with a 9.  that with target tights and another pair of taped heels! but shh, nobody knows.

in case you have not educated yourself or are unaware on what is going on in Libya right now, please read up : http://motherjones.com/mojo/20
yeah im sick still which might explain the lack of facial expression in like all of these photos hahha. i just cant breathe. its great.

wwwwelp maybe i wouldnt get sick if i slept more so ima give that a go.



  1. i loveee your hair! i wanted to do something similar on mine but having dark red hair; hair dye has pretty much no effect :(
    also i'm pretty jealous of your ring collection.
    get better soon!

  2. I am so so happy the blue is back! I actually just bought a bleach and purple hair dye kit to dip dye my ends as well! I am nervous about how it will turn out but we'll see!

    So glad to see bloggers spreading the word about Libya! I really hope that in some way these efforts will open the eyes of people.


  3. @taylah - i think a combo with red would be beautiful! youd have to bleach your tips first though for the color to really work . thanks!
    @thuy- thank you
    @wolfpack - im sure it will look amazing! and yeah, its crazy how many people dont know whats going on. understandable, but crazy.

  4. 1. You look fabulous, I love love love this outfit :D
    2. I've been trying to keep up with what's going on in the Middle East - it's insane. I just hope that the people can win their fight for freedom.

  5. omg, i love your hair, i want the same!
    you are so beautiful.