Thursday, July 21, 2011


Jetlag is the new ruler of my life. Satan invented jetlag. I'm leaving to LA with Lee to meet her room mate in a few sweet moments, so I'm going to spend all my time making this post instead of getting ready. Yay!

I'm back! In case you didn't know I visited Berlin, Prague, and Paris with my friends Lee and Jason (who I commonly address as Jayjay or jj). It was the most amazing month of my life, jam packed with fun, beautiful sights, inside jokes, and acquiring beautiful objects at my own expense.

But a picture's worth a thousand words, so here's a thousand photos!

Like I said, the street art in Berlin is absolutely amazing, it was in all of Europe but definitely Germany especially. There were entire buildings covered in graphics, I have no idea how they even got it done. These photos are just one of the many.
gotta keep our valuables hung up

one of my favorite stores- cant say i bought anything but the photos were enough

countless street preformers, why dont we have art casually dripping out of every pore of america?


store: who killed bambi (exclusive to germany)  - it was cool too but expensive and i didnt fall in love 
 street fair in berlin with public karaoke in the park directly across
i bought one of those pins, they were hand made and the artists were cool

the reality of prague
 uvoz 8

 lee at a glass shop

we came 2 hours early for our reservation at cave restaraunt svata klara (classiest dinner of my life) so we decided to bring our clothes & heels and change later. ha

it was exquisite!!
norwegian boys ::)
wore my galaxy skirt as a scarf that day, lost it that night merr..  wearing the face pin! & i love how coke is served in glass bottles :)
prague is disneyland
last day in prague

natalie and charles !

 two first necklaces from street fair in paris- last necklace is keychain from the louvre gift shop!

 completely made out of chocolate!!


besides taking 2,000 photos, I also made a montage. the quality is murder but i hope you enjoy!

thanks for the good times europe



  1. WONDERFUL!!! All of that street art is so beautiful, now I REALLY wish the U.S. was more artsy. I'm glad you had fun!

  2. This is great! I hope you enjoyed what Europe has to offer! Though England isn't much better haha.
    You really are the coolest person, have a nice trip!

  3. Oh my goodness I love every single shot here! You seen some fantastic sites. Uber jelous of your trip!!! xxxx

  4. omg this pics are wonderful! this must have been a fantastic trip. I also love Berlin, one of best cities i've ever seen


  5. @d. thank you :) america does have some amazing graffiti spots but ive just never seen anything like europe
    @rachelhelen. i definitely did, and ive been to england & loved it too! thanks a lot !
    @laura page. thanks a loot!
    @fitdoesmatter. it definitely was, and ah yes berlin has stolen the hearts of many im sure

  6. It seems like you had a really amazing time (:
    The photo's are gorgeous, as usual!

  7. Wow your trip looks so amazing!! The gay pride in Berlin looks cool, my best friend lives there and I am pretty sure she went. That cave restaurant looked suuuper cool, and I like your outfit you wore, those heels are the best.. I like your montage video.. it makes me really want to visit Europe.

  8. @annie - hey annie, thank you :)
    @isabel spectre - im sooooo jealous of your friend i want to live there so bad!! it was, thank you, and thanks again, you should visit as soon as you can!!