Saturday, August 6, 2011


NIN3 is approaching, nearer and nearer every day. We had our first debut last week at Cubbfest, a local music and art festival! We got loads of great feedback on the clothes and cant wait to finalize our designs and legalize everything so we can launch the website and start selling to everyone!

 Me and Dev locked ourselves up in my sisters room for days, sewing, not sleeping, and hardly eating. Running on overdrive we seriously slaved over these garments and didnt stop until they were perfect! We wanted to have 20 items at least for our launch date, which was the 31st.
 we spelled bandeau wrong, its alright! Hologram bandeaus
 Our business card display... I knew I'd be needing those glitter skulls one day
Look into the crystal ball.... Do you see 9 in your future?

Allie went down in history as our first sale - a bandeau and a shirt- and she fucking works it with the bright blue litas!  My favorite thing about the fringe shirts is the movement, and the electric blue fringe is a fav of mine, making this combo explooosivee! I love black and blue no matter what people say about bruises..
 Every time someone bought something they'd get one of these hand-made spray-painted  NIN3 bags :)
After a long day with many custom orders acquired, me and Devon danced it up then went home... 

Coming soon to you too :)


  1. Oh my gosh Sideara this is so cool!
    Those clothes are amazing.

  2. thanks everyone :) were excited too x

  3. omg omg! congrats! it all looks amazing!! I cant wait to see what more you are going to doooo!!

  4. Will you make an online store?

  5. @isabel- thanks so much!
    @anna- yes we plan to, hopefully we will also be shipping world wide!