Sunday, October 23, 2011

backstage @ ZANDRA RHODES

 Currently I'm interning for designer Zandra Rhodes. I do regular interning duties such as rolling up garment bags, seam ripping for hours, sorting clothes into rainbow- order, organizing hangers, and other exciting duties. But this week we got to do something actually stirring, help behind scenes at her charity fashion show boom boom! I was assigned a model and 3 outfits, and had to help her change in and out of them and make sure she got back to the runway in time. There was no problem and I really liked my model! So it was fun. At first a little stressful, I had no idea what was going on and had to rush to iron all my assigned outfits and share irons with the other interns who were intimidating (I got to know them, they're great) - and although I arrived early it seemed like I was late. But the chaos was nice. Plus they let me take a shit ton of pictures. So.
If you dont know who she is, read that. She changed the textile industry in the 60's! And she's so cool

 Jewelry by Andrew Logan
 Chetna is Zandra's main girl. Shes a boss.

There are times when I reconsider my careers. Acting I've always loved and feel I always will. Photography has good and bad aspects that I cant accept enough to want to study it as my major in school. And clothing- clothing is a tough one. I love getting dressed up, exploring style. I love coming up with ideas for clothes, sharing that with others, the feeling after I've finished a drawing or a garment. But the industry is fucked... Models are killing themselves, other girls are doing the same to try to look like them, its dog-eat-dog to the extreme - and brands copy brands copy brands copy brands. But I try to look past that and think of the confidence given to whoever puts on their favorite outfit. Zandra glows around her clothes, and the ladies who wear them do the same. In the end I love all my hobbies and passions and wont abandon any of them.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

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