Monday, October 24, 2011

remove the shoulder pads


Felt like I was unproductive yesterday, so I went through my closet and found items I never wear and know I probably never will, and tried to change them into something I would. I figure if I ruin it, it doesnt matter since I dont like it anyways, and if I dont, then yay! Now I have more clothes!

This blazer was really big on me with some football shoulder pads. I cut it open and went in for surgery, removing the pads. It was still too big. Frustrated, I cut the whole shoulder off. Loved it, hemmed it, and here we are now... Granted, it looks a little wonky, but whatever! I bought the thing, I need to wear it.

p.s. This is what I ended up wearing
 blazer- thrifted DIY
vest- F21
shirt- thrifted
belt- thrifted
skirt- F21