Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MIMI photoset

Before you read what the idea behind the photos were, try to make your own meaning for them. I want so badly for my photos to make people feel things.

Anyways the name is 'The Impact of Separation" and the idea behind it is that thought, the energy, of missing someone. The way that just object or place can bring you back to them. Quiet in the background, but always there. Like a ghost. Its a feeling people hate, yet don't hesitate to wish onto others...

It involved me shoving Mimi into tight ridiculous spaces haha. She was a great sport!!

 I know you want to see Halloween costumes and Halloween is like my favorite holiday but if you want to satisfy that badly check out the http://nin3girls.blogspot.com blog, because I want to post those later and really want to post these now. There'll be more on here of halloween too, cause we do keep it minimal on the NIN3 girls blog.

I hope you guys like the photos, let me know what you think!! Also for better quality full screen versions, (there's a lot of detail in these), check it out on http://flickr.com/sideara.



  1. these photos are great! i love the concept. the first thing i thought of was actually this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2054057/Homeless-woman-comes-out-of-closet.html

    i love how in all of the different photos, it is not obvious where she is located, so you have to actually look for her.

  2. @emily - oh what a sad story, but definitely relevant to the photos! & thank you.