Monday, November 14, 2011


 (For more of these photos and the brands, check out this NIN3 girls post) ! XX

I was originally planning on spray painting these black after halloween, but the silver spray paint turned out so good and I've just been wearing em like that :) They're great shoes for the rain! After I get bored of the silver, or maybe with the silver, I'm going to add some intense studs to the toes! I'm excited...

(More photos/ what we're wearing @ This NIN3 girls post)! 

 I'm so thankful I've come in contact, and stayed in contact, with so many amazing friends. I hope if you're in a situation where you feel friendless (I've been there) you can see these girls and know that good people exist, and that you'll eventually meet some. I love having friends I can trust and have fun with, and not feel insecure around. It's amazing! Speaking of best friends... I get to visit Lee in Israel next Saturday to the following Saturday. I can't explain how excited I am, I need to see her so bad. It's like a part of me has been gone. Seeing someone almost every day for 13 years and then never at all is so hard. But it makes me so thankful for technology haha. Anyways, its going to be explosively amazing and I'm so happy I can goooo AGHH! Worth no Hanukkah presents, hell yeah!
 I'm really excited about getting deeper in acting, I have some manager and agent meetings and those could open some pretty big doors. I've been going to tons of showcases where you basically just preform scenes in front of agents/managers just for the opportunity that they see your face, and the work is starting to pay off! I'm hyped for the future but know I have a ways to go. The one downside is that I'm pretty limited in terms of my appearance. I have to worry about what I'm going to be casted as, my style is different, my nose ring is different, and being different is a good or bad thing depending on the role. If you don't look it, you wont book it. As long as I've been wanting to dye my hair a color, I know I still cant do anything drastic like that. No tattoos. No hair cutting without an updated headshot. Even having my tips dyed is pretty risky! Not to mention the name on my resume is just "Sideara"... No last name, which can be considered as cocky to some people. I just couldnt think of a good fake last name! It felt weird haha! And my real last name is too complicated... Anyways I love acting and I'm sure if I keep working at it everything will fall right into place.

This week is busy but will be productive... Up to LA for a meeting and workshop and I'm supposed to be taking photos, but in this rush to produce 20 photos for my photo assignment. Knowing that is sucking the fun out of it. I guess I just need to forget about the assignment and realize its for me too. Plus I need to pack for Israel, ekajflajf!

Anyways, L8R!



  1. i really love these photos, the bright colours splashed in, the fun.. all of it! they are awesome. and your acting sounds like it's going well! good luck & congratulations! i hope you go very far, and i have no doubt that you will (: just keep blogging once your famous ok! haha

  2. @taylah thanks so much!! i always will i think, its something i enjoy doing! good luck with your dreams too

  3. all of your photos are so amazing and super quality. i love them all andplusalso you're writing <3

    WHAT PAINT DID U USE? please answer :>

  5. @sam thank you so much! :)
    @me oy manic panic i think! its a mix honestly, i get messy

  6. Whoa you just look perfect :)
    if you don't mind me asking, what brand is your gorgeous jeans in this posting? absolutly amazing jeans ever<3

  7. your blog is fantasticooo girl.
    love ur shit I follow you.

    visit mine.

    greetz from good (c)old germany