Friday, August 10, 2012

2 much for 1 post

TAVI TAVI TAVI ! There is so much to update, there was an article written about me in the August 9th issue of the Wall Street Journal, which is completely mind blowing ... But one thing at a time. Here are the photos from the last Strange Magic event. The smaller photos are credited to
BLEACHED played which I had an amazing time listening to, they are so great. Coming to places alone opens you up to meeting new people. If you move or go to college or something and you are alone I recommend remaining oblivious to it. Being alone is something subtle and I think the thought of other people thinking you are alone bugs people more than the actual thing. Which is pointless, isn't it? The night ended up great, I found myself with a really kind fun group of people who showed me to some cool LA spots. Obviously, remain cautious, but what is life without risk and trust?

Ok, this is Cobrasnake guy, at the time I thought it was Terry Richardson, which is stupid cause I went to this one's yard sale and bought his shit which he gave me a deal on apparently. Do they even look alike? Same vibe at least, come on. Still haven't posted those clothes on here but I will cause they're cute. Dig that cheetah blazer, work it dude ... Flashing your camera in peoples faces n shit..
 I am thinking of saving up and ordering one of these light up number signs as opposed to saving up for new shoes. But I shouldn't be frivolously spending at all anymore haha. So we'll see, if some large amount of money comes my way, something like this will be in my apt.

So, many more updates on their way, my birthday was August 2nd - I have entered the year of NIN3TEEN myself - cheers to the best year -and I have photos from that also, be sure to check out for some of those, and the WSJ article is also on its way!! Exciting things are happening!!  :)


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