Saturday, September 1, 2012


NO, BAD SIDEARA! No matter how busy I get I need to keep updating everything. Bad habits man, bad habits.

Check out these photos I took of the amazing model Uchenna Masha.

Can you tell that Im desperately trying to squeeze out every last drop of my photoshop trial? So much fun editing these, I hope you like them.

So much exciting shit went down this week. First, the webshow I was working on came out,
 I feel like I look so weird but the project is amazing and I'm so fucking glad I got to be a part of it! Glinda's a freak anyways :) This is literally my dreams coming true. Can you believe it? This is a big project and I'm a part of it. & Check out the opportunity to wear NIN3 in the interview!! But don't get excited about the fringe shoulders haha. I AM SO EXCITED FOR NIN3 TO LAUNCH! Shit's coming soon.

 Then, I got featured on the Swaychic blog as SWAYMate of the month!! So amazing! Check out the blog post here, where you can see my handpicked choices from the shop:  Next post, I'll put up the extra photos from our mini shoot. It was so fun, I got to just go in the store and pick out whatever I wanted and make little outfits then we got to shoot in them, running out the store with the alarms going off occasionally when we forgot to remove a sensor and everyone looking @ us like we're crazy. I also made some new friends which is always great. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about that soon enough.
 HTTP://NAIL-SWAG.TUMBLR.COM the best bitch in the game stepped it up again on my lil nail canvases. So life is going good. Hope everyone got to see the full moon, and make a wish on it. Good stuff there. Hope you all have amazing weeks ! More soon

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