Friday, November 30, 2012


both of these items are from Brandy Melville on black friday woo! Im pretty sure these were $5 each but I was so delirious Im not sure haha
 textile mixing :)
 turtlenecks are the best, mostly when theyre soft as fuck like this one is!
Its just a tie on top so the back is open which is awesome!!

top- Brandy Melville ( same day )
pants - Tripp from Trash  & Vaudeville in NYC gifted by the best person ever
shoes - spray painted silver go go boots from flashbacks in san diego
 the print on the top

its raining today and Im so excited :) I ordered the patent leather dark wine colored Kanes and they came and I think Ill wear them today since theyre pretty much water proof :) they have no traction on the bottom though so it might not be the best idea. We'll see!

NIN3 Multriple top from
Shorts- Brandy Melville woOoO
Tights- from mama
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
Socks- Sock store in NYC awesome shiny magic horse socks

The shoot with Uchenna went well so you'll se those on here & the NIN3 Girls blog soon :)
Also, today Lex & I are finally reuniting and are going to hit up the Purikura photobooths and and Im so excited!! Yaay :) 



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