Monday, February 11, 2013

Once Youth x-tra photos by Evan Hall

Welp, heres my face! The photos are by Evan Hall, who also created Once Youth (with Asia), so thats a cool fun-fact. Workin on the workin it - lol~**~*~
So, the agenda this week is sorting out the issues (sigh) with the next NIN3 shipment and getting that photographed & up on the site as soon as I can! Its keeping me very busy (which I do love) and although taxes are intimidating Im extremely fortunate to have some good help behind me and a great team. Bueno!

Ive been feeling super high strung but Im channeling all of it into being productive and it feels good. I just want to get shit done. Runaways is shooting the 3rd season at the end of the month so Im super excited for that & extremely hungry for more auditions/work.

Check out these photos of Jessi (love!!) I took for Haunt Mag (yay!!), that were decorated by Jana Babez Terblanche (best!)! 
Check out Haunt Mag & the feature in Issue 4 @ or :)


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