Wednesday, February 6, 2013

spice girls ~*~*~preview~*~*~

Jessi got me (Baby Spice), Madeline Pendleton (Sporty Spice), Whitney Moore (Posh), and Dani Drasin (Ginger Spice) together for a Spice Girls themed photo shoot shot by David Corwin!! Jessi's enthusiasm for this shoot was INFECTIOUS.  I was pretty sick but staying up was totally worth the fun of getting ready and doing the shoot. We re-enacted a lot of the Spice Girls photos we found on google and could hardly keep it together because we were all laughing so hard. I had a chip clip and a little tail from a hairband holding my dress together and the whole thing was hilarious and super fun, like most of the things that go on with Jessi. I feel super fortunate to have met people in LA with the same sense of humor and desire to have fun and be productive. These girls are fucking awesome. I cant wait for the photos to be done so I can share em!! 

Check out those baby buns. A+
Whitney workn the Posh wig like no other
Madeline's blue hair killing it obviously
The British dress... Classic Spice. Where do you even find that shit?


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