Monday, March 4, 2013

Once Youth : Who ?

Me! hehe
See the post on the Once Youth blog :
The creators, Evan & Asia Hall are basically the best combo since macaroons and my mouth, and their clothes are sick so its an A+ situation. Make sure you check out their website (
I'm finished shooting the majority of the Runaways stuff, and honestly Im a bit scared to see how its going to turn out. I got the script 2 days before shooting and we decided not to cut my hair and just curl my bangs shorter and I think it may look a lil interesting in the not good way.  But we'll see! And no matter what it'll be fine, money in my pocket, experience and good times in my brain. IM SO SAD ITS THE LAST SEASON.
I can only pray it'll get picked up for TV because atm theres really no one I'd rather be working with than that specific cast and crew. I mean if I really think about it obv itd be amazing to be working with Harmony Korine and you know, lots of other people, BUT for my first TV situation working with Awesomeness TV would be .. awesome. 

Anyways, sorry about the NIN3 stuff taking so long to drop and the horribleness of not updating the blog, that will ALL be remedied SOON.

Shoot with Jessi for the Silver Factory tomorrow!


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