Monday, April 1, 2013


Lots of adventures with Lex is good for the soul
I modeled for Tunnel Vision and it was sooo fun!!
Let me start off by saying all the clothes are fucking amazzzing and you can shop them here:
And now Im on a site as a product model gal and I feel so special! The shoot was actually really fun and I'm sooo glad I took Alexis's advice and have been practicing with other photographers so that when things like this come up I'm not extremely uncomfortable. I was alongside the most beauutttiful girl so it was a big compliment being there. Everything's getting a lot better with that and I actually enjoy it moreso now so that's super awesome. Plus Madeline is amazing and I met Brit who was also great and just everyone there was perfect basically so A+ all around. Good people good times.

Also you may have noticed I HAVE HUNDOOS ALL OVER MY NAAILS!!? I was waiting between two auditions and had to kill time and my prior nails were suffering some breakage so I went to the closest place, and they had these crazy tips so I decided to go for it, and you cant cut money so I left them long... I was laughing the whole time because I thought I would regret it and not be able to handle the length at all, but Im into my second week with them and I feel completely functional!! its insane!! It makes me just want to go longer.. I am a delightfully gross person.

Anyways I'm sorry for SUCKING at updating this blog, I will get back on my grind - Ive just been putting all my attention on NIN3!
Check it out!

But no excuses, I promise to be more diligent because this is my photo diary and I will regret it in the future if there's not a lot to look back on. Im working on a short film right now that will be interesting to say the least so I'm really excited to see how that turns out. Its a bit scandalous, I was told to bring wardrobe items so I decided I'd let fate decide wether or not to slip NIN3 in there and brought just 1 9 shirt and tons of other options... The director wanted W/E MOM. So hopefully I didn't just horribly market myself! There's always damage control

Anyways , a big I LOVE YOU!!! to people who still read my blog. I appreciate your company a lot :)


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