Wednesday, May 8, 2013


(I stole all the color tinged photos from Jessi:) & YES I have been wearing the shit out of that top, WHAT
You know I love that all one color shit
Amazing Shown To Scale dress. She makes her own textiles - wow.
Free cookies? Yes please thank you
 Jagari Chanda
Last week I went out with Jessi to the Bazaaaaar Pop up shop @ Space 15 Twenty, and it was so much fun!! I finally got to dance to my hearts content which I haven't been able to in awhile, and see Whitney too! It was super fun and I was able to discover some new really cool brands like Shown To Scale and Local Heroes, whose owners are just as nice as the clothes are! Its really inspiring to meet other ladies with labels who are working really hard and it makes me even more anxious about GETTING THE NEW NIN3 SHIT UP, DAMN. Will definitely be having a party once that's all up. And please let's have those do really well so the next 3 can be some fucking cut & sew shit yes please.

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed it!


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