Thursday, June 20, 2013

A love letter

The best ones in LA are from Lette!
Today the Kesh X American Apparel collection debuted and I popped over to American Apparel pre-launch party to beat the craziness and tried on all the new shit. I really liked the one size T's and of course the turtleneck sleeveless and the high waist leggings, I liked the look of the bikini top but I dont like triangle bikinis personally. I didn't end up getting anything 1)because I was honestly a bit disappointed/bored by them and 2)its really hard for me to spend money on frivolous things besides shoes/nails. Which I dont have right now and sucks :'(
I'm drooling over these other limited-edition pieces from AA that I'm ready to go broke for: 
"Metallic High Waist Work Out Short"
"2 Face Swimsuit"
I don't really like highrise bottoms and don't really wear leotards unless they're corset style (with the lil cups) so I probably don't actually want this but I'm a sucker for a black/white split!
"Shiny Peak-A-Boo Swim Brief"
"Shiny Sleeveless Crop Top"
I would definitely wear these. I love the silver most if I had to choose.
"Mesh Babe Swimsuit"
I want this soooo bad. Most in the reptile blue color I think. Then the pink, then the top blue because it's paired with some strange tan mesh situation that I'm not too into. But I love that shiny blue.
 Yes shiny pink shiny pink
Ughh goldd yess
You are creamy good
You win I want you most
"The Babe Sunsuit"
Is it called a sunsuit cause you can't actually get it wet? We used to sell expensive swimsuits at Pret that weren't water friendly. Hah ahh
"Shiny Halter"
Speaks for itself, its a yes
"Cut Out Crop Top"
This reminds me so much of Dev & I making early NIN3. It'd be hard to buy cause we have this material and could totally make it. But do you see me doing that? Hhh I should make those shorts somehow
"Shiny Mesh Long Sleeve Crop Top"
LOOVE. Times I wish boobs weren't sexual. So I could wear em out.

I thought AA was very diversely-size modeled, am I crazy? All I see are supertiny girls. I haven't looked at the main site in a while cause money. But I checked out the Cali Sun section by Jason's recommendation.. I still haven't checked out the main sections. I hope it doesn't all look like this. Probably does. Sigh, AA, Sigh. They have issues


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