Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dirty 70s girl

I recently did a shoot with Marjorie Garcia/Lurid photography who lives - literally - like 5 minutes away from me, just down the street. She wanted to do a 70s rockckck throwback. She did the styling (which I wish I could've done, would've been fun sighh, plus I feel weird kind of looking at myself in clothes that aren't all me) & had an MUA bring me back to that fabulous cracked out/heroin look. Honestly I think I look kind of horrifying with a lot of make up on but I'm a sucker for film and have to post these up.
Apparently I have a personal problem with a lot of these photos which is why I keep deleting them and am now only posting 3 haha but that is of no reflection of her talent- she's great I just need to get over myself.
I don't believe I ever posted the Palens Sunglasses commercial I was in, so here it is!:
PALENS SUNGLASSES COMMERCIAL (The Touch) from Luis Goyanes on Vimeo.
Alright, now I've got to get back to the real world. I'll leave you with this haiku:

disco ball disco
stubbed my toe at the disco
mirrors never die


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