Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get it together bitch

I'm going to an acting workshop right now and the last one I went to I didnt have time to change before it so I was wearing this super scando top that Madeline gave me that has a fulll open back and lowww front and in acting the younger you look the better so that was a drag. It was ridiculous how I pulled that shit off though. Like 10 minutes before I had to leave to the place I read in the email that you're supposed to bring your own sides, and two copies of them. So I'm like, FUCK, cause I didn't memorize or work on any scene, so I quickly pull up some options on my computer as I'm rushing to look presentable.. I let my printer run to print out my resume and the scene that I found that I thought fit me well.
So I get back and its time to go and my resume printed fine but THE SCENE IS BLANK PAGES. So I press print again and wait again and BLANK. So I try to copy and paste it to change the color or something and it comes out all fucked up and at this point I am going to be late if I don't leave right then and I realize I have this encyclopedia sized stack of sides

wow so I just realized I need to leave now so I'm not late to the workshop I'm going to tonight. 



P.S. - Okay continuing, even though this story is so much less interesting than it is long:
Uh, so I spent time during the workshop quietly leafing through my huge stack of sides and I finally found the right scene that happened to have two copies, and it went well. It was a scene with a really young girl and the dude said at first he thought I was older but I read super young and he really liked my scene and my "choices" (why do they always say that shit? Choices). That's it. That was the story. Thanks for joining me on this roller coaster that is my life. I'm probably going to delete all this text at some point so really try and soak that knowledge up 

Shoopboopityduwop duwop duwop 

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