Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Breathe, bitch

Earrings from Amvets the greatest thrift store in the world and I hadnt been there for over a year ugh
 I found these gold ones finally theyd been lost
pinecone necklace- momma
blue dot-  Lee forgot it I have to send it back. Its from American Apparel or Israel one of those
Coffin reptile necklace by Gasoline Glamour
top dress - American Apparel boys XL stripey thin toppey thing
bloomers- american apparel 70% off whaahaaat
old tights
Kane shoes by J Camb
 I wish I had thicker socks. Omg look at that eggplant in action
Showin off the ring situation
Crying about the nail situation
Jaquette from Amvetz
Outit with jacket
This is my dads special coveted room and its quite fancy as you can see complete with classy telescope and oversized television

Okay I have tons of shit to do and have to go. Im only on the computer cause I got timezones for my acting lesson mixed up, ha-ha-cha.

I'm gonna be on TV for the first time!! Its not a speaking role and theres lots of other people in it but theres a famous person like a foot away from me and in the beginning I'm sitting on a police car. It was shot at Paramount and it was soo exciting. I think I've already said too much I signed a form idk Im sorry
And then also Im leaving tomorrow at 3 am to go to Yosemite to film a short film about a girl with a heart problem (hi) and a guy who lives forever! I'm fucking nervous because I really want it to be fantastic and I know if I had more time 1)just in the last few days, because Ive been spending all my time with Lee instead of just working on it constantly 2)in general to perfect it but I have a coaching today and I'll just do it and fuck it every time I do a project I'm going to get better and I'm still all in the beginning of shit so its okay but I always want to do my best and I dont know blah blah

Talking too much
Have to go do stuff
Sorry I havent posted in a month I was obsessing over Lee being in town
xooxbfaldfjfkjaiej fdnkfkf

p.s. did you even notice my nose ring isnt in seriously its been in for like the last 4 years no one is noticing its out ... Its not permanent I just need a new one

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