Sunday, December 14, 2014


So I've been using this messenger app called Line, it's pretty popular in Japan but not a lot of people have it here, and funny enough even though I'm the worst at texting, Line is pretty easy to handle. Probably because they helpfully suggest emoji's in place of your words and because since less people have it, I have less to check and worry about. Anyways my friends hosted a party for Line which was a surprise because I didn't know Line was aware of my friends but hey that's the internet for you!!
Here are some of the photos from the party- the second time I've seen eardrummer-backwards dude live on accident haha. Photos by JWNY again! 
Pia wearing Damage because she's perfect
This girl from Freak City had an ipad dress that was blowing my mind, plus it was on camera the whole time so dead amazing
Natasha the babe in WIA
The preformance was cool but I'm not gonna lie u guys this party was pretty weird and terrifying
Sina & Palma
Sweet party favors though.
Pia & I, I'm impersonating the fan! Get it ?
Do u get it ?
Anyways I could post more photos from there but since I didn't stay for long or have the time of my life I don't think there's much of a point, but HEY check out the amazing earrings I'm wearing hey hey hey new NIN3!! So after this ended (which was pretty early, at like, 10), and I finally got Jawny out, we went to the Dripped party which honestly I'm not sure if there are any photos of but it was really fun!! There were indeed lots of my friends there, and it was relatively magical, although I was pretty drunk and confused for a lot of it and just chillin on the couches upstairs with Madeline being hit on by weird dudes and turning them down in silly ways. C'est la vie!! Going to a script reading now for Max Landis's new thingy and I'm nervous cause I have to do things like yell HELP ME! and such. Wish me luck!


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