Wednesday, February 18, 2015

O Captain, I Captain

collar- mom & sis got for me when they went to japan w/o me rude
top - thrifted
skirt- rose bowl
i forgot to take photos of my shoes aww. well, they're new. theyre velvetesque clunky 70esque blackmary jane big platforms.
Although I do believe I've found myself in LA and this is my home, I have for some time felt a bit lost in myself and confused, and I felt envy towards past versions of me even though I've perpetually felt that way, and I know that it's ridiculous because future me will think the same that present me thinks of past-me, so technically I am exactly the version of me that I wish to be, according to future-me. Anyways. I feel settled again. I mean, I never feel fully settled, but at least I feel like Sideara again. And I plan to preserve this feeling, and do with it everything that I can, which is to delve deeper into all of the passions I have and careers I am pursuing.

I'm about to leave to meet with someone about the video-lookbook for the dream NIN3 collection that almost exists. As per usual I am constantly reminding myself of essential rules and morals I taught myself right before high school, which can basically be summed up by "dgaf" and "do it for u". So I'm very excited to present a collection which core ideas will be just that.

And I'm excited to continue to grow and dgaf and do it for me and go at the pace that I am and know that no matter who is on board, I'm the captain of my own ship, so I'm going to continue to my destinations and enjoy the ocean breeze and all the whale sightings on the way.

 Feel me?

Love you.


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