Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My pants smell soapy

 top bottom and jacket all from this amazzzing Goodwill 5 mins away from me that I just discovered
gem belt- ebay
chains- random closet chains
earrings from JBCgoods.com, my friend Natsuki's store, she's amazing check her out!

OK so I always thought Kendrick Lamar was good but never REALLY gave him a solid listen... That King Kunta song caught my attention because its sooo old school good, and so I dipped in with my *new* Spotify account and HOOOOLYYYY SHIIIIIT
It may be initial excitement over finding someone new in hip hop who really really impresses me, but he's quickly rising to the top of my favorite artists lists... Wow. 
RN I'm listening to Pharcyde but I'm sure I'll wander back to Kendrick a few times by the end of the day. Dzamn!


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