Monday, November 15, 2010

makeup shopping .2

sephora is a black hole of a place. impulse buy, after impulse buy, after impulse buy, and that shit adds up. i literally had to hold myself back. luckily i had been there a few days ago with lee but with no wallet, and had checked things out. so when i came in i knew what i wanted. but then i had to hold myself back from everything else i wanted to buy, and it was hard. but i persevered and only bought what i wanted last time. unfortunately it was all still $50. seriously? good thing i live at home and this is what i can spend my paycheck on.
look at their advertisement. i love the simple black with the white fox, and i'm always a sucker for tissue paper in the bags when i'm shopping.
 a lipstick, an eyeshadow, an eyeliner, and two perfume samples - one he filled up the one lee wanted for me (after he already gave lee hers), its YSL and delicious smelling, and the other is... I'm not sure but it had a great shiny display and a beautiful model in a nice dress and smells great. On top of that the store guy was like telling me it was amazing and i had to get that sample. i kinda wanted Flowerbomb but its all good. Flowerbomb smells like fucking heaven.
 speaking of heaven- hey there makeup forever PURPLE LIPSTICK!! where have you been my whole life???? welcome home!
here is the NEON pink eyeshadow i got. it's makeup forever too and its damn good. its so neon it makes my heart hurt. i want to rub this pink all over the bottom of my eyes. so good. last week when i went to sephora i was wearing no makeup and my glasses, but couldnt hold myself back from obsessively trying this and the purple lipstick on. its perfect. and the lipstick too. jesus
lastly, i got an electric blue eyeliner pencil.  i know, i've been robbed. this thing was what, $8?  I got three fucking articles of makeup for $50. But its okay. i think this is the first time i've ever bought anything from sephora. i usually go to rite aid for makeup ( and i'm okay with that) .  BUT RITE AID DOES NOT HAVE LIGHT PURPLE LIPSTICK AND NEON PINK EYESHADOW! or an electric blue that really works... maybe actually, if i looked hard enough.

i'm stuck with my glasses for a while because my contacts are out. these are my old prescription and give me a headache, its the worst. if you dont have glasses, be super greatful. your eyes are amazing and i'm jealous of you.

if youre curious as to what my glasses look like, here: (random photobooth photos)

they were cheap and theyre quite old. i dont know i'm excited to get new frames, whether these are all that good or bad is not too much my concern as much as seeing properly! and that i cant out of these!

p.s. to you who followed this link from my piczo blog, thank you for taking the time. and to you commenting (i'm not sure if you can if you dont have a blog spot account), thank you so much too. i love feedback and when you guys give it to me it's so nice. love you guys


  1. I think I like your blogspot layout better :) Maybe I'm biased because I use blogspot and I adore it...

    Anyways, in terms of bright colours, may I suggest you check out Barry M? Their range of colours is out of this world, and the product quality is wonderful :)

  2. @JessicaAmyBiddle - oh my goddd, thank you, that all looks so good and aamazing


  4. blogspot is a better place to be.