Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the days get shorter, i like how the nights get longer

this photo was taken by mariana zenteno, shes a sassy lil chick. heres her flickr -

and heres my look -

i seriously haven't been taking any photos of people lately and im officially not okay with that anymore. over break i'm going to have a serious photo shoot if i can round up all the models i found on model mayhem. i've even got a makeup artist on board. besides that i have other plans to take photos of chauntelle (this pretty thing that goes to my school), and i have to take melody's headshots, and i'm taking photos of lee's family for her mom, what else - kristin's senior portraits... maybe i've had a lack of photos because i'm about to have an overload? balance of the universe.

i wore the best thing ever today, felt so comfortable and happy - i was going to take photos for you guys but i didn't get around to it because i was visiting david in the hospital with lee (my friend, his lung collapsed. hes going to be okay though). so here's some shitty photobooth photos to fill you in! of course i felt great, i was wearing my Brian Lichtenberg brianel shirt and the long tye dye skirt my mom gave to me!

 maybe having a little too much fun with photobooth...
its seriously the most beautiful skirt ever. and theres just a touch of embroidery on it, but only like one half of the skirt. but the print goes all the way around. jesus i just love it. thanks ma! ( i have a matching shirt too, its a dream.. and a dress on me)

thas all for now.



  1. The plans for your photos sounds great! Your eagerness and commitment is really inspiring :) And you look great - as always.

  2. Great look! Also love your Brian Lichtenberg shirt! :o)



  3. hey
    maybe you know me from piczo ;)
    great blog^^