Monday, December 13, 2010

i want to stay up because there's a meteor shower tonight at twelve but im not sure if im going to. if i do i'm going to want to skip first but that doesnt really matter because we won't be doing anything anyways. except i do still need to get my haiti essay off the computer so i can post it here for you guys. i wrote a 7 page research paper about auto-tune but i dont think any of you actually want to hear that.

so here are some awkward photos of me instead! enjoy?
do you see the hot air balloon?
ive been getting so bored lately that i seriously had a fucking dream and in the dream i was home alone bored out of my mind.. a lot of other stuff happened in the dream, like offering kittens imaginary food and staying out of bird houses and imaginary websites but well just leave all that out...

i myself think that taking photos of yourself is pretty lame but when im home alone and the light is perfect and im bored out of my mind its almost like there is no other option. and its been like that for a while so its not too big of an issue or something to deny ahah.

ive literally been avoiding washing my hair since i dyed it. which wasnt even that long ago but i guess some may view as gross anyways. well, its okay.

its monday, everybody hang in there

p.s. sorry i keep kind of wearing the same thing, i just love these socks, whateva


  1. that pictures with the sun behind you, are gorgeous. and what if you didnt wash your hair, its lovely as always (and that colour is like.. wow). haha i dont fuckin know you but i read your blog in piczo long ago and now im here. anyway its 4am here in argentina and fuck, tomorrow morning i have to sit for a photography test. see you arround blogspot (:

  2. thanks gabriela and thank you sara ! im glad you found the blogspot :)

  3. Where did you buy this shirt? PERFECT!!!

  4. really nice pictures and a great blog!


  5. iam also a kind of happy that i found your blog because i really like your fotos and the way you dress and make them!

  6. so damn beautiful ,no words to say xx