Sunday, December 19, 2010

when unique is just too much

 In 4'th grade i had hair past my butt, glasses, braces, and a strange obsession with pencils. I've always been the strange girl, awkward and a weirdo. It's only recently that people seem to think it's a good thing. I've been through it all, the assholes, having no friends... But I've also experienced people who will love me and accept me despite all of my weirdness. I've kept these friends through out it all. And now I go to a school where most people are weirdos and we can all accept each other hahaha.

But in some industries, being weird can give you issues. Acting is one of these industries... And my acting coach things I should dye my hair back to my normal color ( dirty blonde ) so I wont be type casted (Casted for the same role every time) when I audition. I'm really hesitant to do this because I like being a bright blonde, and these blue tips have grown on me! But then again, it is only hair, and my dream is my dream. So I've decided, when I start auditioning again, I'll take a few of the type casted roles, and if I notice I'm not getting where i want to be, I'm going to dye my hair a natural looking color.. Not the biggest issue though.

But it's got me thinking the troubles that weird people have. Frequently people are catty with me and treat me like I try really hard to be different. They think that I want to be viewed as different and its something to aim for. And in a way i do think its something to aim for, I dont want to be the same as everyone else. But everyone is different and everyone has different taste, and my tastes apparently are just more noticeable strange than others? Ive heard things like "I wish I could pull that off" and it makes me wonder - what do you think is stopping you?? If you want to wear something, what in the world is keeping you from it? Who cares if people think its strange? Opinions are opinions and people will always have them.

Anyways, here are some random photos I found on my computer and edited last night at 2 in the morning.
So it doesnt look flawless in this photo, but this is the makeup me and laura did for a photoshoot last year. I'm proud of it! I'm due for another intense photo shoot! Hopefully I'll get that done this week!
I love devons awkwardness. She got really mad at me this week but thank god its over now.
look how cute devon is! I was taking her self portrait for class (haha)
from the zero gravity shoot
 taken by devon.
taken by lee.

to whoever on my formspring was angry with me for being on formspring and not blogging -
lets compare:
time it takes to answer one formspring question: 30 seconds
time it takes to post a full blog with edited photos: Hour/ Hour and a half.
time it takes to take photos, edit them, and post them :  could be up to 3 hours

i spend a lot of time on this blog. i cant post every day because i have to set apart at least an hour to do everything. its not like i heavily edit my photos but i do love color manipulation, then you have to factor in the time it takes to save the photos to my computer, about two minutes, then to upload them to here, about a minute or more if its not working, plus the time it actually took to edit them, could be 5-10 minutes for each photo i upload. thats why im on formspring and not posting! i may have time for one thing and not the other.

anyways i've got some very exciting news! i'm a part of this very new exciting blog, Underage. It's on blogspot, and we just had the official opening. young bloggers from every part of the world are participating. It's updated daily, and its about everything interesting going on everywhere in the world. you have to check it out, i'm honored to be a part of it because its a really cool idea.
check it out!




  1. you know what's really weird?
    painfully normal people.

    you've got your own look and i think it appeals to plenty of others with unique taste, so don't listen to others who think you try too hard. they probably don't try anything new, so they're the ones at a loss.

  2. I was just like you several years back, but I think the people I went to school with were people I didn't even get along with in the first place. I had totally different tastes and interests. To them I was a nerd, a weirdo.
    On another note, I love your photos. I also take so much time on a blog post which is why I don't blog too often.

  3. wow, i love all these photos. especially the ones of your friend devon, and the second last one. i just came across your blog, it's really wonderful. im sorrry to hear about your formspring insults, some people honestly don't realise the time it takes to blog. or the fact some bloggers have lives too :) anyways, im just about to click FOLLOW, because your work is great :)