Thursday, December 9, 2010

the ninth night of channukah

this is one of the shirts i got from the sample sale, its pretty racy, kind of anti semetic actually but i view it as a joke, he makes a lot of spoofs with his clothes and walt disney was antisemetic. so its kind of a satanic antisemetic evil mickey which i think is funny. im jewish anyway ahhaha. happy channukah! (merry christmas too! and kwanza!)

speaking of, there is no ninth night of channukah. it is eight days. but my brother came back last night at 2 in the morning and we really wanted to celebrate it with him. so my whole family came over tonight and we celebrated the ninth night of channukah. sick hahaha!  the 9th night of channukah on the 9th.
ive been feeling ghosty lately

i dyed the tips of my hair aqua blue  :) oh and the stockings are by legs avenue, i got them at a halloween store. im pretty sure devon has the same pair somewhere.

my brothers home!! he was backpacking in peru!! hes really the coolest person ever. he brought back some stuff including this hairband made by the laaast people in the world who live how the ancient incans used to, they speak their language and everything. its really beautiful its beaded and it has this ridiculous fuzzy colorful huge ball that hangs in the back, i dunno its just amazing because of the background on it.

i wrote an article about how the pakistan floods didnt get nearly as much media coverage as the haiti earthquakes, but pakistan's people needed more donations and got less. you guys will read it soon.



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  2. awesome photographs ! I love the second one ! :) <3

  3. You're completely right about the floods! You know Haiti got so much money they had to turn some off it away, but Pakistan has gotten next to nothing.