Sunday, December 5, 2010

brian lichtenberg sample sale

this was the secret event i've been talking about / making money for, i've loved brian lichtenberg's clothes for sooo long now and own 3 of his things- NOW I OWN 12. these sample sales (i went to his last year) are what i live for.
heres what i scored -
$20 ( first saw this shirt four years ago, never thought i'd own it ) STOKED on this price. he is a vvvery expensive designer (yes im aware of his forever 21 collection but i dont like it at all)

the shirt is kind of pushing the envelope because its a hitler mickey, but really its okay i love the shirt. i do wish i got a medium or a large though. $20
the leggings - $10 FUCKING DOLLARS. these leggings are normally $248!!!!!!!!!!! i had to sew them a little bit because they had tears but do you know how stoked i am? i cannot describe this deal, the perfection, how they fit me perfectly, it just doesnt make sense and i could die.

These were $40 and are just as amazing as a deal. also worth $248. it doesnt even make sense. look how fucking amazing that hologram material is!! shit!! I LOVE EVERYTHING - i did promise to sell these to lee in the future because she was really bumming on them and wanted them really bad. im going to be so sad when they go ;(

crop top BB logo tank top - and the pants are from the sample sale that was going on next door, audrey kitching was there, some cool looking guy with blue hair, an amazing young designer whose name i cant remember, and another young designer. there may have been more people. basically it was just exciting to see audrey because i was so into her and hannah beth freshman year hahah. i still read her blog, its good. anyways they were selling these fucking pants for $10, because they wouldnt fit anyone and the size is "ridiculous". THEY FIT ME! so sometimes it is really nice to be short and tiny. they are actually kind of baggy but i dont know theyre still sick pants that i never thought id be able to find or own anywhere near my size. mostly for ten bucks. these werent tagged though (sample pieces arent always completed) so i dont know who designed them.

another shirt from the other sample sale, another $10, company : the battalion (

worth $165, I got this for $20, so amazing, I'm going to dye it black though! its got a sun stain on the sleeve

$85 jellyfish hologram shirt for $20, i wanted this shirt in black and white and was going to save up for it, but i love it WAY more in hologram!!
LOVE this one - dont know how much its worth, but i've seen it in runway photos, $20
HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THESE?? also $10, only had to sew two holes!! $248!!!

this next dress was $100, its worth a whopping $398, its going to be my prom dress and i couldnt be more in love with it. its a blue/green and at an angle it turns purple. im so in love with it it not even explainable!!
i was going to sew and embellish this velvet purple dress to wear to prom (which is a reeeally long time from now by the way, i dont know why im even thinking about it) but now i have this, so i sewed the purple dress today anyways to make it tighter and i might just embellish it anyways! 
it wasnt tight at the bottom  before but now it is :)

anyways you mightve noticed in the photos but i have a horrible cold and i really need to get to sleep now. 


  1. GAH! :O
    they're all so cheap & heart-breakingly beautiful that I really can't say which one I absolutely love the most...
    you're so lucky :))

  2. oh my goodness, i am so jealous of you, i actually love all of this.
    and you are so gorgeous.

  3. :o gah i'm very jealous. there are no good sample sales in Chicago... at least none that i hear about. i'm going to look into it more.
    love all of the clothes. do you think you're going to wear wedges to prom?

  4. @jas - thanks im super excited!!
    @holly- thank you :3
    @emilia- i dont know!! i reeally want to wear the sparkly litas with it just to be super ridiculous, i would feel so awesome hahaha. yeah, follow designers you like or know work in chicago and friend them on facebook or look at their websites frequently and youll see flyers! i think, anyways!

  5. Holy hell, that is some loot if I ever saw any!

    I'm going to have to hit this up next year when I'm living in LA again, I'll start saving now.

  6. I just stumbled onto your blog and I'm hooked! let's be friends! haha. Oh, and that was such an amazing score of stuff you got at that sale! I'll have one of everything, please :P How do you find out about sample sales??? I live in Riverside, so I'm kinda outta the loop of the LA scene.

  7. @bre- im friends with that designer on facebook and he posted a flyer! i was so excited when i saw it haha