Sunday, December 26, 2010


 piczo wasnt working, but it works occasionally now so i think im going to try to post on both.

anyways wow! i posted a new look and it got way more attention then i thought it would, woop doorp!

here are the other photos, plus some photos of ducks i took a while ago!

also, i transformed some shoes. heres a DIY for you:

all you need:
1 pair of shoes that have heels that you dont like, i dont know, this could just be me but i really just like wedges and skinny heels make me sad.
duck tape that matches the color the shoe and/or cloth that you want to cover the shoe with
and scissors! glue also really helps but i didnt have any. i was using mighty putty, the stuff billy mays was talking about, it smells horrible and in the end didnt even really work. but here it all is anyways: 

ive had these for forever and never wear them, i just personally find them really awkward. but its been raining and i dont have any heels that i can really abuse, so i needed to make a ghetto makeshift pair. 

first, cut a strip of tape and begin to cover the heel from the bottom up.

 i covered the bottom even though i know it'll get ripped up soon just because i like feeling like theyre actually wedges !
 finished product! i stopped here with one of the shoes, and kept going with the other. i can decide which is better, clothed, unclothed, or just one clothed and one just the tape?
 put some strips of tape on there so that the wrapping works better.
 wrap the shoe however you want. i just went around with the cloth.

tape in place.

i realize these dont look like million dollar shoes exactly, but i didnt wear them before and would be more likely now. so ive succeeded with all i needed to do!

well im suppper tired and better go to bed, ive got an early morning tomorrow!

merry christmas everyone!!



  1. haha i love the picture with the ducks :)

    I actually love the duck tape version

  2. wonderful photos!
    and great idea!

  3. @embie - im so glad, thank you :)
    @claarax - thanks :)

  4. The shoes look awesome! Haha I'd never have thought of that.
    Loooove the photo's as usual.

  5. great pics, u look great !!!