Wednesday, December 29, 2010

too early to edit properly

Currently, I'm in new mexico visiting my grandma. It was actually really last minute, my mom called and asked if I wanted her to buy me a plane ticket for the following morning to come here. I said yes, because I havent seen my grandma in a while and things like that are important, plus I was getting pretty tired of the constant interaction with people. I rarely go home. On top of that I'll be back on new years eve so it's really not an issue besides having no idea what to wear on new years. But I'll figure it out, its really not too important! By the way, I'm wearing the duct tape heels in these photos :) also, i really apologize for the horrible editing of these. i did them at four in the morning, i cant be blamed! and im way too lazy to redo them all so im sorry!

lee is wearing her jean bomber jacket, a brian lichtenberg tank ( i took her to the sample sale the day after i  went with sami), a star vest that she got at amvets, and boots that she got at aldo for TWENTY dollars. so jealous!

im wearing a shredded t shirt that i got at the sample sale next door to the brian lichtenberg one on the first day, my tights from target, and that really nice red jacket. i actually got it at forever 21, im replacing all the buttons though because theyre all falling off. shame i didnt ask for a discount, always remember to search your clothes for rips and tears if youre buying from places like forever 21 or urban outfitters or any of those chain stores so you can ask for a price reduction!

 after it rains, sometimes leaves imprint themselves on my driveway. its awesome
 devons so cuute!


well, my feet are freezing and im super bored, so im going to try to occupy myself with something, somehow! new mexico is pretty eventless (got great patterns though)!




  1. Those tights are wonderful and I'm pretty sure that you and Devon both have flawless hair that I am quite jealous of! Always love your updates!


  2. Wow, the idea of asking for a pricereduction scares me already. I think people would kick you out of there store here, and I don't think there are a lot of people who dare to ask for it. What do you say then? I'm willing to try it some time ^^

  3. Btw, the red jacket looks amazing on you

  4. I love this pictures :D
    The pinky skyline is beautiful

  5. Looove the photographs, they're so beautiful!
    And the outfits are awesome too n__n

  6. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy new year

  7. @melissa- not flawless but thanks a bunch! :)
    @seliensmets - why?? no way, theyd kick you out? where do you live hahah?? i just say "hey theres a few missing buttons and loose threads could i get a price reduction on this?" and thanks about the red jacket :)
    @sophie- yeah the sky was insane, thank you
    @annie- thank you :)