Monday, January 3, 2011

happy 2011!!!

honestly new years eve was too insane for even me. since a pictures worth a thousand words, heere you go.

if it looks like blood, its because its blood
 we spent about 4 hours cleaning up devons house the next morning. the night after we relaxed by the fire and didnt have a millie people over.

check out reggie in this picture. he was sitting there alert like that, just guarding her. it was cute.

 we feeeasted.

this is what i wore on new years!

 how i felt after new years...
but i have a new years resolution to be more positive.

i did a bunch of 9 research today.
if you dont already know why i am infatuated with the number nine, here are my original findings:
9 comes after 8, the number representing infinity. that is very significant to me. what comes after something that never ends is about as powerful and mysterious as you can get.
if you dont know the 9 number hand trick, look it up.
devon brought the mirror of 9 to my attention, initiating my love. (9’s multiples mirror eachother)
0 9 18 27 36 45 54 63 72 81 90
the answer of anything multiplied by nine will eventually add up to nine.
(9x4= 36= 6+3= 9
9x 293 = 2637 = 2+6+3+7 = 18 = 1+8 = 9)
on a more personal level, my favorite number my whole life (and it still is my favorite number) is 3, which is the square root of nine. 3 is me and lee’s favorite number. devon discovered the first few secrets of nine. she was born on the ninth. 
thats what i discovered before. today, this is what i found:
there are 9 major planets in the solar system. 
there are believed to be 9 levels of hell. satan lives in the 9th level and eternally munches on the 3 traitors, judas, brutus, and cassius. satan has 3 faces; black, red, and yellow.
9 is known to many as the number of finality, judgement, and renewal.
it takes a human 9 months to fully develop in the womb.
it is rumored that both jimi hendrix and john lennon had a fatuation with the number 9.
apparently, when jimi hendrix died, he wrote the number 9 nine times, and said “Nine consciousness is the highest form of consciousness”. he took 9 sleeping pills and overdosed (so one website said, but i dont know how you could possibly measure the amount of pills someone took to overdose).
john lennon was aware that 9 played a role in his life. he was born on the 9th, his son was born on the 9th, and he met yoko ono on the 9th.
there’s a lot more that i found but i think most is just coincidence. if you look for nine, you will find it. but its more significant when it shows up itself.
remember: 9 is extremely powerful. its not only related to whats amazingly good, but whats amazingly bad too. dont underestimate 9. 
i was doing some of this research in english on my phone inside of a random book that i wasnt reading during ssr, i was on a random page in the middleish of the book, my teacher walked by so i turned the page and it was chapter 9. it just said “NINE” in huge letters at the top of the page. i almost had a heart attack hahaha!

i hope you got something out of that.

p.s. i guess i forgot to upload my look haha!


  1. I'm from Belgium (as an answer to the pricereduction story), it sucks (a lot). It's really weird how much difference there is between Belgium and America. You all look like you came walking out of a photoshoot, you all look so much prettier, while you're just as human as we are. It's weird.

    As for the nine-story, I love 9. My date of birth is 09-09-1991. When I first got to your blog, I was surprised when I saw you talking about nine a lot. But anyway, happy newyear Sideara.

  2. im sure the people in belgium are just as beautiful. im sorry that sucks that they sound so much stricter there. in some ways that can be good, although id prefer to live where its not so strict! thats an interesting birth date. 9 does mean a lot to me :3 thank you, happy new years :))

  3. Not only do your photos never fail to amaze me, but this entry was wonderful! I loved reading about your fascination with the number 9 and found all of the facts so interesting! If only every fashion blog would incorporate some sort of aspect like you did, so that both my geeky love for fashion and literature could be met!

  4. Please tell me where your mask is from! :)

  5. @wolfpck - :) thank you so much. im glad you got something out of it.
    @may i dont know! its my brothers, i took it

  6. i love your blog, i seriously got so excited when i read you were moving to blogspot.

    you always take the loveliest photos <3

  7. Hi, I just wanted to let you no that i used some of your images for my January Wants post, which can be read and seen at
    If you wish for me to remove them please let me no, my email is on my blog.

  8. @faela - thats the guest room in my house but thanks!
    @kaitlin - aw sheesh thanks :)
    @joanne -thanks for letting me know, of course thats fine! thanks

  9. Hey since you mention 9 is your favorite number, do you know about the Enneagram?
    Its a personality type based test that psychologists use and it is based on 9 personality types. If you check out some websites and take the Enneagram test, see what number you are. Maybe your personality is the number 9...9's by the book are titled 'peace makers' and like to find the beauty and logic in things, and most importantly they try to avoid conflict.
    There is a lot of more things that go into it all, but if you are curious check it out. It's pretty amazing. And tell me what you think, if you are interested!

    By the way, I love your blog! Your posts are so intriguing, and your style is so refreshing! I just became a follower!

    Take care,
    Anna xoxo

  10. @ASfashionfix - hey thanks! I did it, i got a mix of all the numbers mostly 7, I wanted 9! haha! Thank you so much by the way!