Monday, January 10, 2011


so i've learned i'm a horrible party planner.
baylee got a hotel so i really wanted devon to have a surprise party for her 18th. but i'm really bad at planning so it got a little chaotic.

it was the best though, i was in my outfit for the party and realized it right before i was about to meet up with devon and allie for the kidnapping. luckily i went through my closet recently and have a bunch of old clothes in my trunk that i was trying to sell (theyre not cute i swear, dont get excited haha) so i threw on an old dress and cardigan and got a sandwich at subway. i hadnt eaten all day because i was too busy decorating the hotel and running around making sure everything was perfect. i only had ten minutes to do my own makeup!! which sucked.

anyways, i was eating my subway sandwich with devon and allie, and allie was in relaxed clothes too, (because we didnt want her thinking we were doing something... she had assumed she was having a surprise party so i wanted to disappoint her first) . she got really upset and was super bummed we didnt plan out a dinner. i was just trying my hardest not to laugh as she freaked out on us. when i finished my sandwich me and allie ran way from her, leaving her alone, then came and kidnapped her in the car in darth vader masks.

we drove her to the hotel blindfolded and ...

the candles say FUCK and 9!!

 truthfully the night didnt end that well, we were too loud and everyone had to leave because these 12 year old boys next door were complaining but it was FUN WHILE IT LASTED! and thats what counts.

much success!!


photos from the picnic coming real soon, they're adorable. devons birthday is actually the 9th and the hotel party was the 8th, so we had a picnic for her b-day b-day. you'll see!



  1. Oh my goodness I wish I went to parties like this! I'm so glad you succeeded in surprising her! Love the photos!

  2. i love ur pics!!!!!