Tuesday, January 11, 2011

18th birthday tea party!

so the day after her party was her birthday, the 9th, and we had an adorable little tea party at the duck pond by my house. enjoy the photos, we had a lot of fun taking them. it was great!!

 the birthday girl

 chipped yet intact bow nails!


 all jeffrey campbell .

thats aimie, her bow is tarina tarantino and her tattoo is her dad's birthday in roman numerals!

i hope you enjoyed the photos of our picnic, we got most of the supplies at the 99 cent store, you should have a tea party of your own, just get some tea cups and tea and candy and little snacks and youre set! we dressed up because it was fun but i guess you dont have to ;)



  1. Fabulous idea :D
    I'll have to have a tea party of my own sometime soon n__n

  2. All of these photos are so gorgeous! It looks like something straight out of a modern day Alice in Wonderland! Love fish eye lenses <3


  3. Very Very Very nice photos !!! I really love your blog but ... I saw the photo when you kissed a girl ... Strange, for me ...
    But whatever I love your blog and I follow you on piczo.
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    Follow me back !!!

  4. @bellinha - haha well im straight but devons my best friend and i love her so we kiss cause were just like that, anyways thank you!!
    @wolfpack - ooo thank you :)
    @annie - i recommend it seriously

  5. i really love youre style...

    i follow you,hope you follow back^^



  6. Ohh I love this idea of a tea party for someone's birthday :) I might steal your idea ^^

  7. wow! this looks so fun! and lovely outfits on everyone.. ^-^


  8. @sally thank you!! :) love your rose tights
    @kate - you should it was great :)
    @isabel it was :))) we thank you!