Monday, March 28, 2011


i really have amazing friends. they are SO amazing they agreed enthusiastically to get on a stage with me and my band in front of our whole school and dance like cats while me megan and danielle sang about hairballs and being kitty cats. we made the dance in like two days, and LOOK AT THEM WORK IT!! from left to right its aimie sammy devon and allie. and then kelsey, the one who took the rain photos, is crawling around the stage.

we play the meowtar, a very professional instrument that mimics the beautiful call of the feline.

check out the video on youtube!!
DEADMAU3  covering ke$ha's "cannibal" -- "KITTY CAT"


  1. This made me laugh so much :']
    & the photo's are really lovely as usual; YOU TWO ARE SO BEAUTIFUL UGH WHY

  2. Hahahahah best song ever, much better than the original Cannibal. :)

  3. this song will be in my head soon enough :')

  4. thanks everyone! hahah it was loads of fun

  5. haha the video is soo funny (: you're great
    and the photos are amazing.By the way, the whole blog is amazing! i'm grateful for having found thi blog.(: