Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a truly religious post

True Religion Brand Jeans were kind enough to send me a pair of jeans from their new line and a sample of their perfume!! This is really exciting because I've never been able to buy brand name jeans but have always wanted to know more about the labels and why people pay so much to get what seemed like normal jeans to me.

the jeans are suuper detailed, check out the buttons, theyre little works of art, im allllmost tempted to pick one off and make it into some sort of jewelry piece hehe but i wont.

if that isnt detail enough for you to understand the concept of high end jeans -

even the INSIDE has the button details, and the pockets have the true religion buddha on it. interpret it however you want, buddha gone bob dylan hitch hiking to get to his next gig, or motivational buddha giving you a happy thumbs up.
and of course that well marketed good luck pocket thats been branded in my head as true religion. my cats obviously approved of the jeans too... :) mmm
and the scent they sent with it smells reeeeally good. im not much of a perfume connoisseur at all,  my range goes from dreaming of owning flowerbomb to dreaming of owning flowerbomb, but i got lots of "you smell greats" which is conformation enough for meee! to describe it, umm, think flower field on a breezy day a few miles away from a sugar factory.  a few miles away is key because its not supper sugary sweet but... you get it.


heres a video i made, its composed of random clips ive taken on my camera since i got it! i hope you find it entertaining!

its better quality on my computer but oh well!



  1. Your blog is amazing, I love this outfit ♥ So original.


  2. The jeans are amazing, they look like they fit you really well (:
    And I love them paired with the Lita's!

    Oh and the video was cute haha