Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i believe that while there is a good side to every person there is bad too. i know thats a bit of a pessimistic outlook but no matter how much i like my outlook on things and enjoy the way ive grown up, im still not perfect. nobody is perfect. we can only attempt to be the best we can be and be proud of ourselves for just that.

i think it would be best if people could recognize their flaws (and i mean personality flaws) and not obsess over what is wrong but merely try to improve. i realize that i am a selfish and jealous girl. im not extremely selfish or extremely jealous but those are qualities i possess and wish i could change. i also let fear play too large a role in my life. i think thats a problem a lot of us have. fear keeps me from people and fear keeps me from opportunities. 
aside from being all deep and shiet, i had my first night at a new 3 HOUR acting workshop today and it went swimmingly! everyone was super nice and im excited to keep working with walker because hes sooooo talented. on top of that today i got 5 cavities (yeah sweet tooth) filled and my mouth is feeling very sore and unhappy. i should obviously be sleeping right now but school doesnt start till 11 tomorrow so ill be sleeping in. 
some people seem to have more bad than good in them. you will always encounter these people, forever. they dont go away after middle school/ high school/ college. i used to think that people 'grew up' and became mature... and some definitely do. people change over time. always give people a second chance if its been awhile (depending on the situation anyways). but the sucking verses not sucking ratio of people sometimes can seem out of balance. when you feel that way dont give into loneliness. there are good people out there. ive met them and i know for a fact there are more. your only job is to make sure that you are doing your best not to be one of those people. that means dont assume you know if someone sucks or not based off of ANYTHING besides getting to know them YOURSELF. dont put people down and constantly remember that people are the way they are for reasons. that bitch you know wasnt always so mean, something happened to her. were all humans and were all just trying to survive so give people a chance, because you'd want them to do the same for you.
there will always be a skeleton inside of me. but ill do my part and try to hide it.

p.s. all of these photos were done with slow exposure and a strong arm by the way, no photoshop overlays
p.p.s. http://lookbook.nu/look/1632101-TAKE-ME-I-am-the-drug-take-me-I-am-hallucinogenic


  1. thank you. thank you thank you thank you.
    your outlook on the world really is beautiful

  2. I adore the black & white photo's especially.

    I agree, people are the way they are for a reason and I think others sometimes forget that.
    I'm glad you're enjoying your acting class (:

  3. oh my gosh i am so in love.
    with your blog, with your words, with your hair, your style and everything. Really - you are so special and i really like it. One of my favourite blogs. kisses xoxo

  4. Your photo's are rad, this is one choice blog you have here :)


  5. Why are your bangs perfect? Always!? Quite jealous. Lovely photos.


  6. @ tayla- youre welcome youre welcome youre welcome and thank you too :)
    @annie - thanks a bunch! im glad you see it too
    @helen - oh thank you so much!!! <3
    @br00ke- thank you too! :)
    @wolfpack culture- im glad you think so because they piss me off hahah, but thank you.

  7. i absolutely LOVE your hair like this..if only i had blonde hair :(
    you're such an inspiration. thanks for that :)


  8. U are the sweetest blogger that I know. Really I love your blog and it seems that u are such a cool persons. Keep it up dear. Best wishes to little cute, Mrs. Pretty. x)

    ..Looking forward your next post.
    Your pics are amazing, just a inspiration.


  9. @liz - thank you !
    @c.key - that is really sweet thanks a bunch :)

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