Wednesday, April 6, 2011


sorry for the horrible quality of these photos... today hasnt been so great, i woke up exhausted and went to school only to realize it was a late start and i couldve slept in. i was upset but decided to nap in my car till school started in an hour. but i didnt wake up until school had already been over- i had half an hour left of class, so i went, was harassed a little by my teacher (who apologized later), took a test in the remaining time (go me), and then proceeded to forget my keys in the class. so i had to wait till after lunch ( i get out of school before that) to get my keys, then went home.

on the way home i decided to make my day better id stop and pick a shit load of my favorite berries. and that i did. theyre weird, i dont know their name, but theyre sooo delicious. 

 they dont sell them in stores but my brother asked a plant nursery awhile ago if they were edible and they said yes. pick them when theyre red and eat them!! so good.

so when life gives you berries, pick them, and fuck being late and stressed!

my acting class is at 3 so hopefully that will brighten my day up. then ill be studying for my econ final, egh.


  1. Hey :) Those berries are called "Arbutus unedo" or "Strawberry Tree" haha :) I love them too! :D

  2. @greg-ory - omg!! now i know thank you :)
    @sally - thanks :)