Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Im sorry about the lack of posts!! My weekly schedule is so full I dont have much time to take photos, and when I dont have photos and I'm not obsessing over some designer, this place becomes empty. I've been filling my time with acting lessons, work at pret, and work on NIN3 with Devon.
When I created this blog, I didnt know anybody would be reading this right now and I'm so thankful that you are but I could've never predicted it!
The name came from me and Devon's obsession with the number 9. Through research and our own personal discoveries we have concluded that 9 is an extremely powerful number. We both have a love for clothes and creation, and decided to start a line together. This line would be powerful, and its label name is NIN3.

i know weve been talking the talk  for quite a while now, but hopefully verrry soon we will be walking the walk- full blown website and possibly another blog documenting our progress! We're very excited to be moving along quickly and are taking many sewing classes to heighten our skill so we can provide a great product :)

Spring break just flew by - (I get out of school at 11 so I guess that's not really what's taking up all my time) - but here are the photos from the second to last and last day! action packed fun. 

 best friend
best friend!! i love lee and devon so much its unimaginable

i love allie so much she supported me as canyon was driving crazy!!! i took videos but my camera freaked out and deleted em! oh well, i guess it was just a bunch of blurry images of screaming girls anyways hahaha.

i promise to post again very, very soon! ill try to be more regular, i enjoy doing this and shouldnt forget so often.  it pushes me to utilize my camera more! and im planning a shoot soon - "last girls on earth". 


nicks parents got really mad at us for doing this ! hehe oops

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