Sunday, May 22, 2011


if you have per chance been wondering why ive been posting so little lately, its because my computer broke!! i have to take it to the apple store and that has yet to happen. im on my old computer that has no memory at all left on it, so the internet frequently gives out/ other weird things happen and i cant upload any photos or videos. so please bear with me until i get it fixed!!

 bathing suit- borrowed from samintra starr
cheetah bandeau - swap meet
leggings - brian lichtenberg
belt- samintra starr original
shoes- XXL by jeffrey campbell

video of the preformance will be up soon, once i get my computer fixed or the guy who took the photos and a different video (jason segal) posts em!

p.s. i know its all been a joke, but being in deadmau3 is actually really amazing. everyone knew the lyrics and were singing along and dancing and it just felt amazing. i would totally spend my life doing that hahah. <3 all the dancers, original and new, and danielle and megan. youre all amazing thanks for giving me an amazing night!!!


  1. I would love to see you guys play ahaha it just sounds like a ton of fun!! (:

  2. maybe one day well hold a cat benefit concert :) haha all proceeds go to cat charities . thats what im thinking for shirts maybe