Tuesday, May 24, 2011

faces staring atcha

those are my real glasses if you havent seen em!

if i look crazy in these photos its because im going insane. my kitties got flees and i can NOOOT enter my room right now. were getting everything solved soon but right now ive been a bum, having to find other places to sleep and wearing this over & over. cant wait till thats over!!! aaaaaaaafldkshhahhahah
 i found these sunglasses over the weekend, which is awesome cause they fit right over my real glasses!!
 not sure if that looks wonky but i do need sunglasses for when i have no contacts :)
 faces staring atcha off my clothing
 braided rainbow belt from mama, john lennon shirt that i cut sleeveless and collarless from target, red cardigan from a forever 21 in utah. mary roks jeffrey campbell shoes

once i get my computer fixed i have to write about the shit on my nails!!!! its awesome!!! doesnt last very long but im going to buy my own so i can do it all the time!!



  1. Anonymous said...nice glasses. i wanted to have a ring in my nose a couple of years ago, you've just reminded mi about those times ;)