Monday, June 6, 2011


Soooo my senior prom was this Saturday, and it was my first school dance ever! Except, I guess, for one I went to in seventh grade... But that one doesnt really count because it was stopped after someone let out a stink bomb.

Anyways, it was amazing. It was great bonding for the last time with all of the senior gals and guys (and the juniors too) because I'm going to miss a lot of them next year when they go off to do everything they're going to do.

The day started out a bit chaotically, I wanted to get hair and makeup done professionally because I've never had that before and I wanted to feel like a princess. Plus what's the point of having a job if you dont spend a little money once in a while, right ?? I spent the day speeding around to different appointments, finding lace for my mask, and unfortunately my dermal fell out, and the other one did recently too, so I am currently dermal-less. And honestly, I think I'm okay with that. I've wasted so much money getting them repeirced that I think this may be the end. Long hair, a dancing lifestyle, and lots of jewelry I guess just doesnt mix well with collar peircings. It's too bad though because I really liked them!

What I wore to prom was the one shouldered Brian Lichtenberg dress I bought a while ago, and then I hand-stitched chain onto a shoulder pad to add an accent to the dress. The shoes I wore are the Jeffrey Campbell NB's, but I took them to a shoe shop and had them add on a platform because I wanted them to be high-high-higher!

As prom was approaching, Jason and I found ourselves mutually date-less (aw). Then we realized OH HAY HAY HAY wait, WE CAN GO TOGETHER! So a beautiful prom combination was born. Then the night before prom Jason was nice enough to still give me the joy of being asked, and romantically asked me to prom pad-style. It doesnt get better than that people... It doesnt. So dont try.

My boss (designer Samintra Starr) made both Lizzie and Lee's dress, and they turned out AMAZING. Lee had rib chains and Lizzie had a beautiful drape-dress.
canyon, devon, jason, me, allie, graham, nick, aimie, sammy !!
it was a couples photo but me and jason infiltrated :)

In case you're wondering about the mask, I got the idea from the photos from the Vogue masquerade party. Our theme for prom was masquerade but I guess nobody was really thinking about that besides me hahaha. Whatever! It stayed on my face all night... Overnight... Ridiculous hahah. No sleep, unless 3 hours counts.

girls were wearing some really amazing dresses (like julie here's, that kept me warm as we waited for the party bus to pick us up)

All in all, prom was really fun. At the after party nobody did anything ridiculously stupid, and I had a great time with everyone. I'm sad to see high school come to an end because its been such an amazing experience for me, I've grown so much, but I cant wait for next year when I can take the time to sit down, focus, learn and make all my dreams come true.

I hope everyone else whose having proms right now have as great of a time as I did.

oh and p.s. one last photos of the shoes because... I love them. Although they did get annihilated at the party, so I hope I can find a way to put a steel toe on them or something to cover up the unfortunate damage. 

ok thats it for my prom photos! I hope you enjoyed! 



  1. woah your dress is beautiful. and i like the idea abot lace mask. im so impressed!

    love love

  2. You all look amazing (:
    Makes me wish we had proms were I live :(

  3. god you are genius, those shoes were looking amazing! love your blog :D

  4. @fitdoesmatter - thank you! i got the idea from the photos of the vogue masquerade party
    @annie - you dont ?? aw well its always all hyped up and not that amazing anyways! but thanks!
    @lehappy90- thanks a bunch!

  5. Brilliant outfit FANTASTIC shoes!