Monday, June 20, 2011

where you going graduate?

Sorry I havent been posting anything, my computer is broken still (Apple store said that they cant fix it but that someone else hire them ??) I'm lucky to have my old computer but until today I wasnt able to store any photos on it because the hard drive was full! With much paranoia and double checking, and still I am unsure, I have backed up all the photos that were on this computer onto a hard drive and I'm deleting them, and all the videos.

Going through the process I found a lot of old photos. On the airplane I'm going to go through them again to find more photography type photos that I like but I also found a lot of good times with friendz photos so heres a jumble of the old photos I've found on here. It really is a jumble though, I went through them and randomly chose some. eNjOi

By the way, I  graduated. Yay me!!
thats the only photo I have of me with my lil hat on and its not even on right ahhah but my dad & grandpa took a lot so I think I might see those one day. If I get ahold of them I'll put them on here, woooo hoooooo no more highschool!!!!!!!

Plans for next year consist of working hard to act and make clothes and take photos and intern for Zandra Rhodes!! In doing all of that I'll have developed a kickass portfolio for Parsons next year. Baddabing


 Metric at Indie fest!

i miss those beads in my hair
 I really wanted to take those shoes with me but I cant find them. Where are you, brown shoes? Brown shoes, where you at?? I need you man
 eng muffs


I'm so tired but I have big news. Take the brown shoes with me where? By 1 PM tomorrow I will be boarding a plane. This plane will be bringing me to Europe with Lee and Jason. I will be in Berlin, Paris, and Prague. In Paris I'll be meeting up with Allie and Devon and a bunch of other friends who are randomly going to be in PARIS at the same time as us. I will be taking
and I will be posting em up on here and it will be a joyous time for us all.

More details WHEN IM THERE!!!! AHHH!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my grandma Naomi and her dog Leo :)


  1. Aww these are some lovely photo's. You should do random photo posts more often (:
    Have fun on your trip!!

  2. How long are you staying in Paris? :)

  3. thanks guys! :) xxxx
    ill be in paris for 9 days (hehe) and ill be arriving there about 8 days from now

  4. Super cool photos! Have a wonderful trip. I ADORE the photo of your granma, love everything about it, the reflection in the mirrror is wonderful. x