Thursday, August 18, 2011

16 DAYS 18

Well, my birthday was on August 2 and I am now 18 years old! On my birthday, Anja woke me up, then jason came over, then we  all met up with people and had a great picnic! Later we spent some time at canyons, and had a dinner at kings garden, and it was fun. I cant believe a whole year has passed already. Lee left to Israel because she's joining the Israeli army so I'm really sad right now but this was an amazing birth anniversary!

When we got there I went about pouring some glitter in my hair, anja and jason, though, did not think it was enough glitter at all and decided to douse me in it. It took days to get the caked glitter off me... it was awesome

endless scalp glitter

Happy birthday to all my other leos! School starting soon.



  1. the photos are all amazing, you look wonderful and I love your blog! xx

  2. Happy belated birthday (:
    Mine was on the 11th haha.

    Oh also, do you know why Lee decided to join the Israeli army? I'm just curious as why one would decide to do that.

  3. aww your birthday looks like such fun! Happy birthday!!! lol that was a funny video. glad you won. ^^

  4. @helen thank you!
    @annie thanks!! happy birthday girl :) & about lee, there are many reasons,but its was a family tradition (shes israeli), and she has a lotta love for israel
    @brina thanks!
    @isabel haha it was thank you!

  5. lovelyy lovelyyy photos! love your look!(: xx x

  6. this looks like so much fun; everyone and everything is so beautiful *swoon*

  7. @jeena thanks :)
    @bones they are beautiful! thank you!